Poundland's rogue and racy Elf is very bizarre 4 years ago

Poundland's rogue and racy Elf is very bizarre

What did we just see?!?!'

'Tis the season to be jolly, Elf-elf-elf-elf-elf-elf-elf-elf-elf.


Well, that's not how the song goes but if you've got kids in your house, it's very likely that you've been making the Elf a regular part of your Christmas tradition.

Now, as we all know, these elves have a mind of their own and they tend to wander but what you don't know is that some elves are a little bit mischevious, in fact, they're pretty filthy.

In the beloved Will Ferrell film, we learned that 'South Pole' elves can be a little bit 'different' and it seems like the high street retailer Poundland have managed to get themselves a rogue elf.


The account has definitely not been hacked - their social media team have assured everyone of that - but some of these tweets will fill you with festive cheer.

Please note that the official Elf on the Shelf wants to make sure that families in the UK know that the elves depicted in the following images are not Santa’s Official Scout Elves and could never work for Santa!


Ho, ho... how the hell are they getting away with that?!?

For example, here's a fine display of displaying tea bags.

Yeah, we're not going near that tree.


Bound to be popular.

Didn't hear about this one in the story of Christmas.


Definitely not official Star Wars memorabilia.

Weird. All sorts of weird.

He must have a good hand.

If you've got an Elf on the Shelf, consider the challenge to be raised.