Piers Morgan 'would rather eat vegan sausage rolls' than apologise to Meghan Markle 1 year ago

Piers Morgan 'would rather eat vegan sausage rolls' than apologise to Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan's views on Markle have not changed

Piers Morgan is the Marmite of broadcast news, with half the population loathing him and the other half needing their tastebuds readjusting. After the Mirror published a piece of tweets calling for his return, Piers responded with his own version of a heartfelt message.


"Thank you @GMB viewers! I miss you guys too... (and guyesses, people of gender-fluid non-binary guyness etc)," tweets Morgan.


A self-proclaimed "vocal diva" replied to his tweet with regards to Meghan Markle.

"Yes Piers stop sulking, say you’re sorry and come back and make GMB great again."

Morgan replied, displaying once again his true obsession with the former Suits actress.

"I’d rather eat vegan sausage rolls for the rest of my life than apologise for disbelieving Princess Pinocchio."


Morgan got double points with that one, managing to weave in both his hatred for vegan sausage rolls and Meghan Markle. However, should he look to score the trifecta next time, he needs to cram something about gender identity in there too!

But where did it all begin?


After Piers initially followed actors from Suits on social media, Markle said she was a "big fan" of his. The two began messaging and would later meet when Markle came to the UK to watch Serena Williams play. However, despite apparently having a lovely time, she later left to go to a private party where it is widely accepted she met Prince Harry.

But a heartbroken Piers never saw her again, and so, he began his almost obsessive destruction of her character.

Even when congratulating the couple on their engagement, Piers wrote, ‘Hearty congratulations, Harry, you picked a real keeper (even if your romance did destroy my beautiful friendship with the amazing Meghan Markle).’


Despite then defending Markle when her father spoke out, Morgan changed his tune soon after and made a complete 180 turn. Since 2020, his repeated criticism of both her and Harry has been practically neurotic, before eventually resulting in him leaving GMB.