Piers Morgan on the Queen's health: 'It's clearly a more serious situation' 7 months ago

Piers Morgan on the Queen's health: 'It's clearly a more serious situation'

Piers Morgan gets people talking, and some agree with him

Amid the news that The Queen would not be attending the Remembrance Sunday service in London, Piers Morgan has called into question whether the palace is being completely candid about her health.


Earlier on November 14, Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen would not be attending the service at the London Cenotaph as she had sprained her back. Naturally, many people shared their best wishes, and many have applauded Morgan for 'saying what we're all thinking'.


He tweeted: "There's something we're not being told about the Queen's health, it's clearly a more serious situation than the Palace is saying."

The Queen has taken a step back from her royal duties in part due to her health. Though the palace has emphasised the 'rest' element, many have called into question just how sick she is.

Agreeing with Morgan, one Twitter user said: "She hasn't only lost her beloved husband, she lost her corgi, her trusted advisor and her best friend recently. (These were the reported deaths, there might have been more...)"


But others did not agree with Morgan, with one person saying: "Well as she is not a prize wrestler I wonder if anyone has considered what losing her husband is doing to her mentally and physically. Everyone - mind your manners and leave her alone to grieve and just wish her well."'

Another wrote: "Should the 95 year old Queen die I wonder who will be blamed for killing her, Predator Prince Andrew or Woman Meghan Markle?"


A third commented: "Average life expectancy in UK 82 years. She's nearly 100!!! Pussy Morgan with his faux concerns. He's itching to hack her phone though."

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