PIC: This pizza almost set a man back £11,000 5 years ago

PIC: This pizza almost set a man back £11,000

We often complain about the price of food, and what could have ended up being one of the most expensive pizzas ever made was nearly sold in Ireland last night.

JOE reader Mark Hogan told us that when buying a pizza in Apache Pizza in Carrigaline, he was initially presented with the receipt below.



The order was cancelled, but only because Mark didn't have enough money in his bank account to cover the extravagant costs. Had that not been the case, who knows?

According to Mark, the restaurant was swamped and it was an honest mistake from an Apache employee.

In the end, nobody was hurt and Mark went home with a pizza that cost considerably less than the price of a half-decent new car.

We’d still love to know what a €14,000 (more than £11,000) pizza would taste like, mind.

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