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04th Jan 2017

17 ridiculous things that could only ever happen in Newcastle

It's all kicking off in the Toon.

Alex Finnis

1. A beer tap that serves 37.5% straight vodka, hopefully not by the pint:

Image: Twitter: @SOHO_NCL

2. This shop that just says it like it is:

Image: Twitter: @andy_brown4430

3. A discount Greggs outlet shop – the most Newcastle thing to ever exist:

Image: Twitter: @L0rdDenning

4. A Greggs with a bouncer on the door:

Image: Twitter: @fords42

5. And a Greggs two doors down from… another Greggs:

Image: Twitter: @a1colat

6. This classic putdown from Newcastle Brown Ale:

Image: Twitter: @ConnorWilson_98

7. A three-course meal of a pie, a Twix and a WKD Blue, only available at St. James Park:

Image: Twitter: @ManUnited_Hub

8. Club promoters that try to tempt you in by giving you club-branded condoms:

Image: Twitter: @tashaamorrish

9. Airport security with better chat than you:

Image: Twitter: @ellaviolatedyou

10. Fudge that comes in both Jägermeister and Vodka Red Bull flavour:

Image: Twitter: @seano86

11. Legal highs being sold as pizza toppings:


12. This man who gives absolutely no fucks:

Image: Twitter: @mattyne29

13. The classic trackie bottoms, socks and high heels combo:

Image: Twitter: @ConnorTheGooner

14. A pissed bloke hoovering the road in the middle of the night:

Image: Twitter: @drumshop

15. This genius Henry Hoover nativity scene:

Image: Twitter: @jmbrighton

16. Trebles for £1.95. ONE POUND NINETY-FIVE!:

Image: Twitter: @dmaunsell

17. And of course, the bloke who got angry about losing the derby and punched a police horse: