Mum realises on son's wedding day that bride is actually long-lost daughter 1 year ago

Mum realises on son's wedding day that bride is actually long-lost daughter

Imagine. Earth-shattering stuff

As reported in the Oriental Daily News, on attending her son's wedding day, a mother from China had the shocking revelation that her son's bride was in fact her long-lost daughter of over 20 years. Read that again.


The realisation that would send anyone reeling only occurred to the mother after she spotted a distinctive on the woman's hand. The mark bared a striking resemblance to the same one bore by the child she had lost and never thought she'd find.

The circumstances around how the groom's mother came to lose the child are unclear, however, upon asking the parents of the bride whether she was adopted, they confirmed and the truth became ever clearer.

Once the couple confirmed that they had found the girl by the side of the road, adopted her and raised her as their own, the groom's mother's suspicions were confirmed. Unsurprisingly, the pair broke down upon making the connection.


Now, before anyone asks that extremely awkward question: the wedding did indeed go ahead but there were no incestuous concerns to speak of, as the groom was also adopted as a boy.

Having adopted a son of her own after losing her daughter, it was his choice of partner that reunited his bride with her biological mother and vice versa. Truly serendipitous beyond belief.

Understandably, the bride and long-lost daughter was just as overwhelmed as her mother and describe the moment as "happier than the wedding day itself." We imagine it's a feeling that can't be put into words - we certainly can't find any.

Incredible stuff.