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26th Dec 2023

Mum livid after receiving frozen turkey dinosaurs instead of Xmas turkey

Ryan Grace

Just a slight alteration to the traditional Christmas dinner…

For most people, Christmas Day involves a big, delicious, and juicy turkey.

It’s a fairly staple part of a traditional Christmas dinner.

For many it’ll go off without a hitch.

For others there’s been some trouble with rotting meat – you read more about that here.

However that’s not the case this year for Cassie Rule, who’s got quite a story to tell the grandkids.

Morrisons online shopping replacement causes big upset at the Christmas table.

According to The Sun, mum Cassie Rule had ordered a £37 turkey from Morrisons.

Those of you who shop online will know supermarkets often offer replacements for out of stock items

Well instead of the Christmas bird she ordered, Cassie received a £2.30 bag of turkey dinosaurs.

Yes, you read that right, no xmas turkey, just a solid kid’s treat.

Now no one is trying to knock turkey dinosaurs, they’re undeniably delicious.

But when you’ve got six or more people expecting a Christmas dinner… they’re really not the right food for the job.

Cassie said that since she got the delivery on Christmas Eve, she didn’t really have time to sort out a backup.

Instead she had to find a way to make the turkey dinosaurs work.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be the start of a new tradition in the Rule household…

Dinosaur shaped turkey nuggets (Photo Credit: Getty)

Turkey drama all over the UK this holiday season.

We mentioned earlier there’s been a bit of a rotten turkey war online this Christmas.

Plenty of UK supermarkets have been called out for ‘rancid’ and ‘rotten’ turkeys on the shelves.

Well dozens of Brits have been astonished to discover just how long their birds were sitting in a freezer after checking the dates on their turkey.

Your turkey’s packaging actually contains information on when the bird was first frozen.

Definitely worth checking if you’ve still got the packaging.

Some birds were put on ice as early as last February!