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21st Sep 2021

Mum accused of ’embarrassing her kids’ after buying new Lidl trainers

Kieran Galpin


Embarrassing mum? Or fashion visionary?

A mum has been accused of embarrassing her kids after purchasing each of her daughters a pair of Lidl’s own line of branded sneakers.

After causing a social-media stir following their debut in Europe last year, Lidl’s self-branded yellow, blue and red trainers were officially made available in the UK back in May 2021.

However so far, opinion has been divided – with many labelling them as either the latest must-have fashion accessory or the worst thing to happen to your feet since someone accidentally left a Lego brick lurking on the carpet.

Posting to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook page, the embarrassing mum shared images of the trainers alongside the caption: “My two crazy daughters have their hands on the Lidl trainers.”

Sadly, the mum seemed genuinely ecstatic with her purchase – but Facebook disagreed.

“My kids would disown me if I bought these for them….no, just no,” wrote one Facebook user.

Another wrote: “They are the ugliest effing things I’ve seen.”

Despite the vast majority of comments being negative, there are a few supporters out there who have the mother’s back.

“There were kids in my local Lidl yesterday complaining because they’d sold out of these trainers. They’re turning into the latest fashion trend,” wrote avid Lidl trainer fan Sam.

Meanwhile Amanda took a more measured stance on the issue: ” Think people should get a life… If you like them buy them…. If you don’t like them don’t! Pretty simple, really.”

The trainers, currently priced at just £13, are covered in the branded Lidl colours of red, blue and canary yellow. They are hardly the cop of the season, yet people are already reselling them for nearly £600.

Influencers and fashion-fanatics are already featuring these bargain shoes in their outfits. They certainly have a 90’s Reebok vibe to them, hence why those daring enough are getting praised on social media.

The scarcity of the shoes could also play into their success, says style blog Design Hungry.

Design Hungry correctly connects the Lidl trainers with IKEA’s signature blue bag, which luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has since borrowed from and now sells their own version for £1,705. Scarcity increases consumer demand, which is partly why Kanye West’s Yeezy’s dominated with each small-scale release.

Could supermarket fashion be the leading streetwear choice of 2021? Watch out Stüssy, Lidl is coming for you.

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