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06th Feb 2022

Medical complication causes man to ejaculate out of anus for two years

Kieran Galpin


Don’t read this while eating your dinner

A man spent two whole years of his life ejaculating out of his booty before seeking medical attention in a medical case that bewildered doctors.

In a study named “A Curious Case of Rectal Ejaculation,” published last month Cureus Journal of Medical Science, doctors detailed this bizarre condition.


University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston detailed a patient who initially sought medical attention due to five days of continuous pain in his balls, reports Vice.

A CT scan of the 33-year-old’s pelvis revealed a rectal-prostate fistula- which is essentially a hole connecting the rectum and the lower urinary tract. As you can expect, this condition can leak all sorts of fluids, the most common being urine and faeces.

In this poor man’s case, or lucky as he did live with it for two years, the whole gave his swimmers a near avenue to explore.


Fistulas are typically caused by trauma, chronic urinary tract infections, surgery, and even cancer. The man had undergone a medically induced coma to recover from a cocaine and PCP overdose just before his ejaculation issues began.

The researchers believe that an improperly-inserted catheter during his hospitalisation could have caused the trauma. Doctors were able to fix the hole, and the man is said to have made a full recovery and is hopefully back to total working order.

The researchers noted that while rare, such conditions “not only highlights a rare complication of catheter use but also emphasises the importance of provider mindfulness when utilising seemingly benign therapies.”

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