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30th Jul 2015

Lucky toddler gets bizarre lawyer-themed birthday party

La(w)yer Cake...

Tom Victor

Who’s your favourite lawyer? If you answered “that’s a stupid question, who has a favourite lawyer?”, think again.

A mother in the United States has thrown a Morris Bart-themed birthday party for her two-year-old son. If you hadn’t guessed by now, Bart is a New Orleans attorney who advertises regularly on TV – a bit like Saul Goodman.

So, what has endeared him so much to toddler Grayson Dobra that his face found its way onto his birthday cake, in place of the Mickey Mouse frosting he enjoyed upon turning one?

“He’s always been very drawn to Morris Bart commercials. When they’re not on TV, he watches them on YouTube,” mother L’erin Dobra told the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

Bart admitted to being “flattered” by the tribute, but, in a display of professionalism, added: “He might be a future lawyer…that could be a future competitor of mine many years down the road.”

If that does end up happening, you could call it a case of life imitating Bart.