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22nd Jul 2015

Luckiest man alive struck by lightning, then wins £1m Canadian lottery prize

Lightning striking it lucky...

Ben Kenyon

Meet the luckiest man alive.

For starters Peter McCathie is lucky to be alive after being struck by lightning aged 14.

His daughter’s pretty fortunate after a lightening bolt struck her too.

But what makes this Canadian father even more blessed is the fact he’s just scooped a $1m jackpot on the Canadian lottery (that’s £494,000 in good old sterling).

To put that into perspective, scientists says there’s literally a one in 2.6 trillion (2,600,000,000,000) of all that happening.

There’s more chance of Spurs winning the Premier League.

If anyone wants us, we’ll be on the roof waving a metal rod at the sky.

H/T Daily Mirror