Kate Middleton's huge personal fortune has been revealed 3 years ago

Kate Middleton's huge personal fortune has been revealed

It's a lot.

It's pretty weird to think that royalty still exists really, isn't it?


Don't get be wrong, I can see the appeal. Tourists love it. And if you're one of them people who gets hung up on tradition and history, then I guess you're going to be pretty into it too. But still, it is undeniably odd.

Take Kate Middleton for example, she married Prince William back in 2011 and went from 'commoner' to royalty in the process. But let's just say she's never been a commoner in the usual sense of the word.

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She comes from a wealthy background.

As a kid she attended private schools that would have cost her parents an estimated £250,000 in total. And the Daily Mail reports that as an adult she has also benefitted from trust funds passed down through generations of her family.


As a whole her immediate family has holdings with a net worth of £36.2 million ($50m), with most of that from the company Party Pieces.

On top of that the majority of her day-to-day living costs are covered by Prince Charles’s private estate, the Duchy of Cornwall, so any money she does have remains untouched.

But what's the exact amount? Well, her net worth has been estimated by Celebrity Net Worth to currently be £7.3 million ($10m).

That might sound a lot, but it's less than her husband Prince William, who is thought be worth £29.6 million ($40m).

Still, it's not bad.