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01st May 2018

Kate Middleton video explains correct way to pronounce royal baby Prince Louis’ name

James Dawson

We now know how to say Prince Louis.

Last week Duchess Kate gave birth to her and Prince William’s third child, Louis.

Relative to past royal hysterias, it was a relatively low-key affair. A C+ on the ‘Rule Britania’ chart – nothing compared the gushing for third in line, Prince George, but definitely something your nan cared about between the soaps.

Of course, it’s all over now – even if the memories of oddballs wearing Union Jack suits and fake town cryers getting on the US news might stay with us forever – but, a week on, not every question has been answered.

Although the TV cameras might have stopped rolling, the people of Britain are still without an answer on how to pronounce the name of their new overlord. Is it Louis as in Lewis, or is it Louis as in Loo-ee?

Well, it looks like we may finally have the answer in the form of Will and Kate’s wedding video.

If you skip to 4.30 in the video from 2011, she’ll explain just exactly how to pronounce her third child’s name.

So there we have it. It’s Louis as in Walsh, Theroux, Vuitton and King Louis XVI.

Good to know, long may the lot of them rule over us.