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07th Sep 2018

Kanye West debuts bizarre new song and clothing line at the Pornhub awards. No, really

Kyle Picknell

He is EDGY, I repeat, EDGY

Kanye West has done the most Kanye West thing imaginable and that thing is this: unveiling his new song, a collaboration with Lil Pump entitled “I Love It” at the first ever Pornhub awards.

He was also the creative director for the entire event. The Pornhub awards event.

He has also launched a weird Kanye x Pornhub clothing range. A Kanye West/Pornhub clothing range. At the Pornhub awards.

Is this the most Kanye West thing ever? I think it is. I think we have finally reached peak Ye.

First! The music video, which has Yeezy and Lil Pump dressed up in a bloated, cartoonish bodysuit, reminiscent of Supergrass’ “Pumping On Your Stereo”.

And now the clothes. Oh god, the clothes. Say hello to the Kanye x Pornhub collab, which, if I’m being completely honest, only an absolute cretin would pay $75 for, let alone wear. Outside. In broad daylight. In front of people.

Would you wear this? Tell me, would you wear? A wonky My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy knock-off made by a porn site and endorsed by Kanye West? Would you? Would you wear it? Are you edgy? Do you want to be edgy? Do you want to be edgy like Kanye? Do you want to wear Kanye’s little Pornhub jumpers and be cool? Do you? DO YOU?

You do, don’t you? Somehow, you do. That’s fine. Honestly, that’s fine. Go ahead and buy one of these, wear it out and never, ever pull again.


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