Josh Emmett wins UFC bout despite broken finger 5 years ago

Josh Emmett wins UFC bout despite broken finger

Warning: not one for the weak of stomach.

A broken bone literally shattering through skin wasn't enough of a reason to stop Josh Emmett in his bout against Guamanian fighter Jon Tuck this weekend.


Fighting on behalf of 'Team Alpha Male', Emmett proudly displayed his injury post fight, when most fans were certain his finger was about to fall off.

Managing to force a split decision victory using only his left hand, critics are already claiming the fight as legendary example of willpower and determination.

Having taken on the challenge with only 4 days notice, and after breaking his finger, Emmett still went on to win.

The reaction caused UFC entrepreneur Dana White to post a video of the break to Instagram with the caption: "Welcome to the UFC, kid."

Only a compound fracture. So we could see Emmett back in the Octagon in a matter of months.