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09th Aug 2018

DJ shares remarkable footage of the sky over Albufeira as devastating wildfire spreads

Paul Moore

Lots of popular tourist areas in the Algarve have been affected

With regards to the major fire that broke out on over the Algarve region in the last few days, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa has said that efforts to control the fire are being hampered by gusting winds, the region’s deep ravines and the numerous plantations that are highly combustible.

As you may know, a major wildfire is currently scorching the hills of Portugal’s southern Algarve region and it’s going to take several more days to bring it under control, according to Costa.

At present, the Civil Protection Agency has said that almost 1,300 firefighters were assigned to battle the blaze.

The country is currently experiencing a record heatwave with some temperatures going as high as 46 degrees and this blaze has already forced 2,500 people to evacuate their homes.

Over the last few days,  thick clouds of smoke have blackened the Algarve skyline and an Irish DJ has shared some remarkable footage and images from Albufeira.

Frankie Shanley, better known as Frankie Beats, has posted the following photos and clips that show a completely orange sky over the popular tourist destination.