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04th Sep 2022

Man causes chaos after explaining why some guys don’t post their girlfriends online


“You know it’s true. Girls, I’m sorry.”

The dating game is a wild and wondrous thing, is it not? So too, the complexities of a relationship. Social media has brought so many together but the politics of social media once two lovers find each other? That’s a whole different story, my friends.

Take the every-day fleeting glimpse into another person’s life that is the Instagram Story, for example. Much can occur here. A picture of a cool dog you walked past on the street. A song you love that nobody is going to bother to actually go and listen to. And, of course, an image of your significant other.


Hate to break it to u

♬ original sound – ??????? ☻

It’s well-known that the humble IG Story is good for teasing out a boyfriend or girlfriend reveal but what about an established relationship? Pretty common, too, you’d think. And yet, not everyone is fond of showing off their partner to the world.

Turns out, there might just be a scientific reason for this. Enter TikTok man @TomHarlz and his deeply thought-provoking explanation.

“You want to know the main reason why boys don’t post you on their stories?” asks Tom from the safety of his driver’s seat, thankfully parked and not in motion.

“It’s because of embarrassment, you know. And if anyone tries to tell me I’m lying, just shut up. Because if you don’t post your girl, you’re embarrassed to show your girl, and that’s a fact.”

There we have it, guys. It’s a fact. You cannot disprove this.

“Tell me I’m wrong,” Tom continues. “Because you’ve probably said to your boys – ‘Oh, I used to get [with] these 10/10’s all the time, my girl’s 10/10’ or whatever.

You might think your girl’s 10/10 but you won’t post her because you know people don’t think she’s 10/10. Know what I’m saying? You know it’s true. Girls, I’m sorry.”

Shout-out to the modern-day Copernicus right here.

@tomharlzHate to break it to u♬ original sound – ??????? ☻

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