Instagram account 'Upsetting Pints' is here to ruin your weekend 9 months ago

Instagram account 'Upsetting Pints' is here to ruin your weekend

Some of these could put you off God's nectar for life

An Instagram account entitled 'Upsetting Pints' dedicated to chronicling (you guessed it) - poorly poured brews - has left beer fans on social media seriously dismayed.


We don't know why we're choosing to show you this on a Friday - it could literally rack you with fear and nausea - but many you will be off out to the pub come this evening and have a tasty pint regardless.

Unfortunately, these poor buggers weren't so lucky.

After recently coming across this extremely tragic, offensive and downright-depressing Instagram account, we can confirm that life is chaos and we are simply at the whim of the universe - which often involves horrendous pints like these:


Not one but TWO flies. Just pain.


Arrest this person right now.


We don't even know what was going on here. We can only imagine it was made to be put on this page and insult us - but if we ever see bacon, lemon and what we honestly hope is cream next to a pint pot again - we're going sober.

Then there's this one: poured with reckless abandon into a daft gimmicky glass that we wouldn't want anyone catching us with, let alone putting it on social media. The disgusting levels of froth should be the story here but the poster has used an insult in their caption that we haven't heard since secondary school, so that takes the cake.


We were going to write out the whole quote ourselves but they've done it for us - someone bell Matt King.

That literally has to be milk.

Last but not least, this one absolutely breaks our hearts to the point where we debated reaching out to the poor fella. He should have been focusing on his job but he fell into the old 'cracking up the boys' trap. You've made your bed - now lie in it, sunshine.

So, if you're heading off out tonight, we can only hope and pray that you don't get served up something worthy/shameful enough of being posted on here.

Best of luck.

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