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23rd Mar 2018

If our dogs could text us, this is probably what they’d say

Woof woof lol wb x

Woof, lol.

Dogs are precious, that is not up for discussion here today.

But sometimes when you’re at work and your dog is chilling at home, it would be nice to be able to touch base with them. Just to see how their day is going, what they’re up to, how many carpets they’ve soiled, etc.

Until such time as that technology becomes widely available, all we can do is fantasise about a bright future that undoubtedly lies ahead.

Here’s 12 texts that your dog would absolutely send you if he/she had the ability to do so.

1. Dog humour


2. Accidents


3. The cat


4. Everyday concerns


5. Health matters


6. More dog humour


7. Anxieties


8. Admin


9. Even more dog humour


10. Apologies


11. Doggy concerns


12. Even more dog humour