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27th Mar 2016

Here’s how much time the average Snapchat user spends on the app

Tom Victor

Considering the amount of time it takes to fulfil Snapchat’s most basic functions, you might not expect users to spend much time on the app.

Even if the number of photos and videos adds up over the course of the day, each one only last a few seconds, so how long are you really likely to spend uploading, sharing and watching?

Half an hour a day, as it turns out. Or, more specifically, 25-30 minutes.


That’s according to Business Insider, who claim to have confirmed the figures – which apply to the app’s 100m daily active users – with Snapchat representatives.

Snapchat is thought to be using the new data to go after advertising money currently set aside for TV channels, and is making the most of the fact that three in five users are creating their own content on the app, not just watching friends’ snaps.

If they’re able to attract new ad revenue, rather than forcing users to fork out for certain features, we reckon they’ll be on to a winner.

Now to make sure the app never goes down again.