Here are the most Googled 'how to' questions of 2016 5 years ago

Here are the most Googled 'how to' questions of 2016

We're all guilty of a stupid Google every now and again.

Whether it's how many calories are in a can of Diet Coke or how to stop getting blisters when wearing high heels, we all have a Googled question that we'd rather not admit to our friends.



Spotted on Cosmopolitanthe 10 most Googled 'how to' questions definitely resonate with the fads, trends and social and economic changes we've seen happen in the world in 2016.

10. How to use Snapchat filters


This hardly needs any explanation.

9. How to vote early

With Brexit and the US Presidential Election to have both happened in 2016, it's no surprise people wanted to choose their side as soon as possible.

8. How to catch Pokemon Go


A very serious enquiry.

7. How to appear funny

What can I say, more and more people wanted to be just like me after I started working for Her.

6. How to battle in Pokemon Go


Groundbreaking stuff.

5. How to move to Canada

No doubt the sentiments of ALL Americans as Trump became President-Elect.

4. How to make slime

3. How to play Powerball


2. How to register to vote

And the most Googled question goes to...How to play Pokemon Go. 

Because of COURSE it does.