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13th Jul 2017

Girl lists reasons why European people confuse her, you’ll instantly disagree

Paul Moore

Likely to make you angrier than the Hulk getting kicked in the balls.

Cultural differences that emerge during a fish out of water story.

Essentially, this is the inspiration behind some superb comedies like Trading Places, Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop and every other film that features Eddie Murphy – you know, apart from everything else that he’s been in.

As we’ve learned from The Simpsons when they visited Australia, bullfrogs are called Chazwazza’s and the game of ‘knifey/spoony’ is incredibly complex. Still though, what if things were the other way around?

Granted, we all love the European Championships and the Eurovision, but what do foreigners/tourists make of our unique UK and European culture?

With this in mind, a Twitter user by the name of Christina Brown has compiled a list of what confuses her the most about people that live in Europe and Australia.

Here are some of her insights and it’s very, very likely that you’ll disagree.

Blasphemy. People have been killed for saying less.

Yep, no bother. The language was just invented here.

Get. Out.



To be honest, this one still splits opinion.

Semantics. Then again, how calls them beefburgers?

Never. Nope. Nada.

Not in a million years.

Not going to happen.

Now she’s just trolling.

We’re 100% with her on this one.

Christina, it’s for extra comfort while spending time on the crapper.

Leave Kinder Eggs out of this!

Haha, yeah.

Yeah we can!

Unless you’re really posh.

While we openly welcome this constructive feedback, some people have been a little less courteous to Christina. Speaking on behalf of the UK and Europe, we apologise and would like to discuss things further over a lovely cup of tea and some biscuits.

It’s either that or a pint…which we can have…at 18.