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17th Aug 2015

Four new Messis born to British parents in 2014

A few 'new Ronaldos' were born here too...

Tom Victor

Four sets of parents in the UK have tried their hardest to produce the next Messi…by naming their newborn sons after the Barcelona star.

But data from the government has revealed that the quartet of Messis lag behind the Argentine’s fiercest rival, as 11 Ronaldos were born to British parents last year.

Those going for a more 90s vibe have opted for Romario (nine babies), Henrik (seven) and Hristo (five), while 11 newborn babies share their first name with Mario Gotze after the German’s World Cup winning strike.

Some parents have looked for something more long-term, setting their sons up for a career in management. Brendan (52), Jose (33), Manuel (22) all found their way onto the list.

But the bosses of Arsenal and Spurs are not as popular, with Arsene (four) and Mauricio (three) lagging behind. Keep up, lads.