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02nd Sep 2015

Forget the ‘McWhopper’, this could be the greatest burger the world has ever seen

Burger King are really going for it here...

Ben Kenyon

Admit it – you got a little bit excited when it looked like McDonald’s and Burger King were set to combine to create the ‘McWhopper’.

All the burgery goodness of a Big Mac packed with the mighty meatiness of a flame-grilled Whopper – we’re still drooling thinking about it.

But despite McDonald’s ultimately rejecting Burger King’s olive branch of friendship for World Peace Day, the dream still burns bright.

Burger King is now determined to create something way bigger than just that – The World Peace Day Burger.

It wants to build something pretty special from the best bits of America’s best burger chains in the name of world peace.

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That means a little bit of Denny’s famous Slamburger…


Maybe a slice of WayBack’s mouth-watering Classic Burger…


Or elements of Giraffas’ Brazilian-style flame grilled burger…

Double Cheeseburger

Please let this happen, world peace depends on it.