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19th Nov 2015

Facebook are about to make break-ups much, much easier

Paul Moore

Everyone has their own unique way of getting through a break-up and while some people prefer solitude, sombre reflection and their copy of Boyz II Men – End of The Road, others prefer to just go out and get hammered in an effort to erase all memories of that human turd they dated.

Both fine options.


The next time you break up with your significant other, there will be options to help limit any contact/communication/ sightings of this person from your Facebook feed.

Facebook announced a new set of “take a break” tools which will present themselves when you change your relationship status. Basically, what this means is that the next time you change your relationship status, you’ll be prompted to select whether you want to completely hide your ex from sight.


There will also be an option to “see less” of this person which is very handy if you’re still holding onto any hopes of reconciliation or if you can’t quite cut the cord and ‘unfriend’ them forever.

An additional option will allow you to change your own privacy settings, so your ex can’t see any photos that you post with your new flame.

83rd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Facebook are calling all these new options “Improving the Experience When Relationships End”. It’s going to be pretty popular but it still doesn’t include the track by Boyz II Men, and endless supply of pints or a new partner that looks like Jennifer Lawrence.

Sign me up for that.