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29th Apr 2018

Everyone has same suggestion for Asda and Sainsbury’s name after potential merger

James Dawson

How could they choose anything else?

As we reported yesterday, it’s looking increasingly likely that two will soon become one between retail giants Asda and Sainsbury’s.

In recent years, both businesses have seen their market share squeezed by stiff competition from budget outlets Aldi and Lidl, however, the proposed move would see Britain’s second and third largest supermarkets merge to become the Brothers of Destruction of the retail world.

Any deal will have to be overseen by the Competition and Markets Authority as the alliance would give the combined company a 30 per cent share of the market, a segment bigger than current market leader Tesco.

It’s yet to be reported how exactly the deal would work, but it is believed that one possibility would see Wal-Mart turn Asda stores into Sainsbury’s and hold a big stake in the combined group.

But, following the announcement, people on social media have been making a hilarious suggestion for what the outlet’s name should be if the deal does go ahead.

Of course ‘Sasda’ could be a go-er, but as far as Twitter users are concerned the name should be a homage to none other than celebrity chef Ainsley Harriet.

It’s hard to deny it’s got a ring to it.