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04th Jan 2017

Everyone is getting this surprisingly difficult dog puzzle very wrong

The vast majority of people can't work this one out - can you?

Nooruddean Choudry

Can you lead us to the correct answer?

Fancy yourself as a bit of super sleuth? Reckon you’re a solid canine out of ten when it comes to conundrums? Well, why not paws for a moment and try this surprisingly tricky puzzle out for size? It’s definitely left our rover reporters scratching their heads trying to reliever answer.

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If you hadn’t already guessed from all the terrible puns, it’s dog-based. On the surface it seems incredibly simple – merely find the word ‘dog’ in the word search below, but it has left many people feeling exceedingly ruff, as they’re convinced it’s a trick question.

They mistakenly claim that either a) the word isn’t there (it is), or b) the smartarse answer is: ‘It’s right there – below the box…’

The seemingly innocuous little puzzle has done viral on Reddit, and for good reason too. If you can find the hidden D-O-G – especially if it’s in a matter of seconds or minutes, rather than hours – then it sets you apart from the vast majority of people who were left flummoxed.

Good luck, but be warned – you’ll get so obsessed you’ll be like a dog with a bone…