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21st Dec 2017

Ed Miliband’s official Christmas card really has to be seen to be believed

Easily the best Christmas card of the year

Rich Cooper

Who is this new man called ‘Ed Miliband’?

The difference between Ed Miliband – Leader of the Labour Party and Ed Miliband – Former Leader of the Labour Party is extraordinary. It’s hard to believe that they are, in fact, one and the same.

Since stepping down from the party leadership, Miliband has taken on a new role in politics: Secretary of Sass. Anyone that follows him on Twitter will know that he has quickly mastered the forum, delivering withering criticisms and of the government, the Tories, Trump – almost everything.

Some wish that they could have seen more of this side of Miliband when he was leader, but having been freed of the responsibilities and pressure, it’s clear that he’s letting his hair down a little.

But Ed Miliband, MP for Doncaster North, has outdone himself with his official Christmas card.

Gaze thee upon it.

It is, quite simply, something else. Wearing a leather jacket and shades, sat astride a motorcycle and with what appears to be a bacon sandwich in hand – a knowing reference to his apparent inability to eat one gracefully – Miliband has reached the next level. The original picture came from his appearance on The Last Leg back in April 2017.

Of course, everyone was loving it.

Take a bow, Ed.