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16th Nov 2023

Dubai millionaire’s wife only has one contribution to relationship in exchange for spending his money

Joseph Loftus

‘A relationship should be 50/50’, she said

The wife of a Dubai millionaire has explained just what she contributes to the relationship considering her husband pays for everything.

While Soudi Al Nadak sure isn’t shy when it comes to flaunting her life of luxury on social media, that life is paid for in full by her husband, Jamal Al Nadak.

The pair met through mutual friends at a university in the UAE seven years ago and they’re still going strong but many people just can’t figure out their relationship.

It appears that Soudi has her husband on a tight leash, as it has been unveiled that she expects surprise gifts on a daily basis, monthly holidays, as well as to be handed a decent chunk of his salary.

The couple aren’t allowed friends of the opposite sex, they know each other’s passwords, and constantly track one another’s locations. Sounds healthy.

Soudi claims that she calls the shots while performing the role of a housewife, but she says that it works for both of them.

In a video shared recently, Soudi showed her followers what to expect from a “day in the life of a rich stay-at-home wife in Dubai”.

Talking in the vid, Soudi said: “I don’t know how I went from never being with an Arab to this. But honestly, this lifestyle chose me.”

She then starts her day with a coffee from a five-star resort saying that the cappuccino was just average.

She said: “They didn’t even put any art on it. The hotel is so boujie here and I love the decoration. We’re definitely taking inspo for our house that we’re building.”


If money cant buy happiness, what about love? ✨ #dubai #fyp #ksa #foryou

♬ Habibi (speed up) – Lanceas & RaiderXD

The 26-year-old then did a few errands around town before heading for dinner with her husband in The Theatre Dubai.

Many, however, continue to wonder just what her husband gets out of the deal, and now Soudi has explained all.

“Jamal loves it when I look after myself”, she said. “A relationship should be 50/50. He pays for everything while I look pretty.”

I’m in the wrong gig.

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