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27th Nov 2016

Domino’s are getting reindeer to deliver pizza in Japan

A novel approach.

Tom Victor

Nothing says Christmas like GPS-tagged reindeer delivering Italian food from an American chain in Japan.

Wait, what?

No, it’s true. Domino’s Japan have issued a press release in which they explain they’re training reindeer to deliver pizza in anticipation of a cold snap which will make conditions perilous for drivers.

The company explains that the new system has brought with it some teething problems, but hey, that’s nothing GPS tracking can’t solve. And when they say GPS tracking, they mean real-time tracking of the four-legged animal in motion, so you can see when it takes a wrong turn.

Now, it probably goes without saying that we’re not experts in Japanese humour, and this may well be an elaborate joke that has gone way over our heads.

That said, the story has been picked up by a number of news outlets, and wouldn’t you love it to be true, right?

Surely it deserves to be real, if only for the exchange: “Reindeer?”/”No, I think it’s a snowstorm.” The pun probably works in Japanese as well as it does in English, which is to say barely.

Alongside other Domino’s secrets such as deliberate mistakes and employee discounts, we’re putting this one on the ‘maybe’ pile.

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