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Customers were shocked by a badge a female Pret A Manger employee was wearing
People are not impressed

Pret A Manger has found itself on the receiving end of a lot of criticism for a badge that was worn by one of its new female employees.

A customer at a London branch of the popular coffee and snack chain recently noticed that a new female employee was wearing a bizarre badge which read: "Kiss me, I'm new".

The image was shared on Twitter and needless to say people were not impressed.

As the badge looked very authentic and even had the company logo on it, people assumed it was common practice for new employees to wear the badge.

The company has since responded to, firstly, ask where this had been seen and to further clarify that this is not something they hand out to new staff.


It was also explained that employees are able to order personalised badges themselves and so it was likely an issue within the one store alone, rather than company-wide.

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