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14th Feb 2019

13 cringe Valentine’s Day posts you’re going to see on Facebook today

Fun times with this one x

Ciara Knight

Spoiled rotten by this one x

Valentine’s Day is a lot to take in during this digital age.

As we all know, if something mildly interesting happens but it isn’t broadcast on every single one of your social media channels, then it’s a complete fucking waste of time.

Facebook on Valentine’s Day is typically rampant with absolute legends letting everyone know how #blessed, #relatable or #foreveralone they are.

Here’s 13 cringe Facebook posts* you’re likely to see on your timeline today.

*May contain a smidge of exaggeration for comic effect.

1. The Subtle Dig


2. The Humble Brag


3. The Justification Provider


4. The Desperado


5. The Realist


6. The Smug Prick


7. The Power Move


8. The Homicide Contemplator


9. The Hacker


10. The “Comedian”


11. The Delusional Plea


12. The Relatable Wallow


13. The Wounded Soul