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08th Dec 2022

Couple, both 100, die holding hands just hours apart after being married for almost 80 years

Steve Hopkins

Hubert ‘fell apart’ after his wife was admitted to hospice and was then admitted

A couple, both 100 years old, died while holding hands, just hours apart, after nearly eight decades of marriage.

Hubert and June Malicote, who met at the Church of God in Hamilton, Ohio, in 1941 and tied the knot two years later, died just 20 hours apart.

Hubert passed away first, at the Hospice of Hamilton on 30 November. His wife followed, on 1 December.

His obituary reads: “Hubert preceded June in death by only hours, marking the end of their 81-year love story.”

The Malicotes celebrated Thanksgiving the day before the holiday by hosting a pizza party for their entire family, and “everything was fine”, their son Sam told the Dayton Daily News.

But that night, June became ill and her daughter, Jo Malicote, 70, took her to hospice care.

When Hubert visited on the Friday after Thanksgiving he “broke down”, 76-year-old Sam said, saying that his dad, “fell apart”.

Hubert was also admitted to hospice. He shared a room with June and they both became unconscious. Their hands were then put together.

Neither regained consciousness, with Hubert dying at 9.15pm and June following at 5.40pm.

Sam said his dad died of a “broken heart” but added “they went out together”.

In 1942, Hubert enlisted in the US Navy and served during World War II at Pearl Harbor. During his second leave from service, not knowing if and when he would return home, he wed June.

Hubert did return home again and went on to work for Diebold Inc as a shop supervisor until he retired in 1990.

“In his retirement, nothing brought him more joy than his family and his workshop,” Hubert’s obituary states.

June worked for years at Pillsbury and the Woolco Department Store.

In her personal life, “she took great pride in the accomplishments of her children and supported each of them in their passions,” June’s obituary reads.

The couple celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary earlier this year.

June turned 100 on July 13 and her husband reached the milestone 10 days later.

The couple are survived by three children – Jo, Sam and Theresa McBride, 68 – seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

“I feel sad, but I shouldn’t,” Sam told Dayton Daily News.

“Who can expect to live a life like that? They lived a long, happy life together and they were devoted to God and the family.”

Their visitation is on Thursday at Eaton Road Church of God.

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