Meet the British man set to make £1million from men's make-up 5 years ago

Meet the British man set to make £1million from men's make-up

Why is it okay for women to wear make-up, but not men?

In 2011 Alex Dalley, then 22, set up his a men's make-up business – MMUK – with his uncle Stuart. Today Alex's net annual turnover is estimated to be just shy of £1 million.


Claiming to have spotted a "gap in the market" before anyone else did, Alex believes MMUK is finally breaking down barriers that make it unacceptable for men to wear make up.

He stands to make even more money in the next five years.

As Alex told 'The New Day' newspaper (quoted in The Mirror):

“Gone are the days when a guy would sneak a peek at his girlfriend’s make-up bag and shamefully pop her concealer over his spots. Now men are much more relaxed about foundation, ­concealer, even mascara.

"I’d wear a foundation on a night out and concealer and mascara for a wedding. My girlfriend loves it. Blokes are becoming an accessory to women these days, and I’m happy for it to be that way.”


Between 2007-2012, the men's make-up market grew by more than 12 per cent nationally. Popular items in the MMUK range include concealers, foundations, clear mascara "to tame unruly lashes", and a beard filler.

Recently, MMUK teamed up with beauty blogger Jamie Jake Ward (pictured above), a man with thousands of followers on YouTube, who argues that, these days, his male fans are equal parts gay and straight.

While some people think the male make-up business will set unrealistic beautify expectations for men like it has for women, others suggest that beards and hair products already do that, so why not!?



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