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15th Jun 2023

British couple kicked out of Australia because they’re ‘too old’ to get residency

Callum Boyle

‘We’ve made a life here’

A British family who emigrated to Australia have been left “upset and frustrated” after being told they must return to England because they are “too old”.

Glenn and Sheena Tunnicliff moved to Perth in 2015, using Sheena’s job as a travel agent to secure a visa due to it being an occupation that required new recruits at the time. Her husband, Glenn, meanwhile works as a plasterer.

They also have two daughters: Molly, 18, and Tamzin, 21, as well as their pet Jack Russell, Roxy.

After living a peaceful eight years in Oz the family have been left heartbroken after being told that they must leave the country within the next seven weeks.

Changes to the Visa rulings now means that the Tunnicliff family have been unable to successfully secure permanent residency which would’ve made them Australian citizens and therefore allowed them to stay in the country.

Now that the age limit has been changed to 45, Glenn, 57, and Sheena, 50 will no longer be eligible.

“We don’t want to go back to the UK – we’ve made a life here,” Sheena told Nine News.

“Now we are over that magic figure of 45 there is no route to PR for us.

“Australia classes us as too old.

“We are the ones with the experience and training.

“Australia is turning around saying, ‘You’re too old but we’ll hang on to your kids’.”

Although both of the children technically qualify through age, only one will be allowed to stay. Molly, who is studying Australian sign language, won’t qualify for a visa however Tamzin, who is a nurse, can stay.

The family are able to live in Australia thanks to Glenn’s visa however despite the demand for plasterers in the country, has found out that his company will be winding up and can no longer sponsor his visa.

“It’s absolutely pointless looking for a sponsor knowing it won’t lead to [permanent residency],” he added. “We never came here to go home.”

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