Britain's longest-married couple, aged 100 and 102, celebrate 81st anniversary 2 days ago

Britain's longest-married couple, aged 100 and 102, celebrate 81st anniversary

A power couple if there ever was one

While celebrating their 81st wedding anniversary, Britain's longest married couple say compromise and "looking after each other" is the key to a long, happy marriage.


Ron Bond, 102, and Joyce Bond, 100, were married at Newport Pagnell Registry Office, in Buckinghamshire, on January 4, 1941. 80 years later, the couple now share a flat in a Milton Keynes retirement village, despite friends initially being apprehensive of their union.

Ron and Joyce have two kids and are now great-great-grandparents.

The two married in 1941/Via SWNS

The couple celebrated the momentous occasion with tea and cake but also received a shoutout from Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2.

"We never expected to reach 81 years of marriage, we know we are very fortunate to have achieved this amazing goal," Joyce said.


"It feels excellent. There is no boss in our relationship, we both give and take."

Joyce and Ron fell in "love at first sight" and married while Ron was 21 and Joyce was 19.

World War Ron served in WW2/Via SWNS

"Sometimes life is hard but we work through it together," said Ron, who served in World War II and then worked at a local garage.


"We look after each other too."

Last year, the couple received their letter from the Queen, which read: "How wonderful to learn of your eightieth wedding anniversary on 4th January 2021. I do hope you enjoy this marvellous occasion."

Queen The Queen sent the couple a letter last year/Via SWNS

The couple's kid, Eileen, said her parents are "a truly inspiring couple" but not only to their children, to "their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren" as well.

She continued: "It was said of them at the time of their wedding, it would not last long, how wrong did folks get that?

"You only have to spend time with them to know they love and care for each other, even after 81 years of being married."

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