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25th Mar 2015

Boffins have found out where the happiest and grumpiest people in Britain are…

You might want to rethink all those regional prejudices...

Ben Kenyon

Think Scottish people are the most miserable in the UK what with all the rain, heart attacks and heroin?

Well, you’d be wrong. Boffins at Cambridge University have found Scots are the happiest people in Britain.

Somewhat less surprisingly, Londoners were found to be the least welcoming despite supposedly being liberal and open-minded.

For advocates of the North/South divide we’re afraid to say that them ‘Oop Naaarth’ are more cooperative and agreeable than their ‘Southern Softie’ counterparts.

happy dance animated GIF

The research wanted to find personality traits for the different areas of Britain.

The Welsh are apparently more open but quite shy (that sounds a bit of a contradiction), while folk in the east of England are the most conscientious but set in their ways.

What ways are those, we want to know…

JOE did our own personality survey in the office and found that we don’t have one.