Aunt who paid for nephew's winning lottery ticket demands he hand over cash 10 months ago

Aunt who paid for nephew's winning lottery ticket demands he hand over cash

Is she out of order?

An aunt who paid for her nephew's lottery ticket is demanding that she be given the five figures he won from the ticket she bought him as a birthday present.


The aunt took to Reddit - because Reddit is apparently the moral compass of the internet - to ask whether she is out of order. Posting to the 'Am I The A****** forum', she explained her motivations.

"I have had a really rough year, laid off from my job and I'm out of unemployment options," she wrote.

"I do own my house and managed to scrape buy to pay my property taxes and insurance with odd jobs but I am eating ramen just about every meal.


"I love my nephew and can't get by on the thought that I wouldn't be able to get him a birthday present (Nov 3rd)."

She continues to explain that she scraped together the money for some lottery tickets, of which two of them won.

"One was for about $50 which was cool enough but the second one was actually into the middle 5 figures.

"I mean life-changing money (I can't say exactly how much because in our state lottery winners are all public record)."


She then explained that their family is fairly well off, his college is completely paid for and he has everything he could possibly want.

"When I found out I told my sister that it would be really cool if my nephew gave me at least 3/4 of the winnings.

"She asked if I was serious. I said I felt I was being very generous because I really need all of it."

After her sister hung up on her, the aunt texted her nephew but believes he has blocked her.


However Reddit users have not sprung to her defence as she might have liked.

The top comment reads: "YTA it was a gift. You don't get to ask for part of someone's gift. It sucks you're having it tough but still doesn't mean you're "generous" for asking for only part of the gift. Sure ask them for help, but don't ask for his gift."

Another wrote: "If he decides to give you some that's an awesome, heartwarming gesture - which you've totally ruined the chances of by demanding 3/4s."

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