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20th Mar 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger has an odd partner in crime

The Terminator's helmet-free cycling trips were, er, terminated...

Ben Kenyon

Muscle-bound movie god Arnold Schwarzenegger has an unlikely new partner in crime in the shape of political comedian Boris Johnson.

Legendary bodybuilder Arnie was stopped by police in downtown Melbourne for not wearing a cycle helmet.

We can just hear that immortal Terminator line now: “I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle…oh and a helmet, please Sir.”

Anyway, it turns out that old Boris was also given a ticking off for riding his bike helmetless Down Under (no pun intended).

Arnie, seeing the funny side of the incident, sent a tweet to the man who brought London the imaginatively-named Boris Bike


JOE wants to know what the hell else these two have in common. Maybe Bo Jo is packing some muscle under that suit and tie?

However, it does seem like the blossoming of a true bromance between, what is frankly, a very odd couple.

We do think it could have real spin-off TV potential though – imagine a brand new reality series following the adventures of the alpha male bodybuilder and his cartoonish upper-class sidekick. Oh the capers! (Channel 4 get in touch).