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12th Apr 2018

Apple’s new software update is creating problems for owners of the iPhone 8

Customers are getting annoyed by the new software

Michael Lanigan

Apple really don’t want you to go to third-party repair stores.

If you’re planning on forking out for the iPhone 8, or the new red version due to be released on Friday, 13 April, you may want to prepare to handle it with the utmost caution.

That’s because the latest Apple software update, iOS 11.3, can result in the malfunction of recently-repaired models.

According to Motherboard, damaged iPhone 8s, which were repaired in a third-party store, failed to respond to touch controls following the installation of the new update.

Speaking to the news site, Aakshay Kripalani, Chief Executive of repair store Injured Gadgets, said: “This has caused my company over 2,000 reshipments.

“Customers are annoyed and it seems like Apple is doing this to prevent customers from doing third-party repair.”

Repairing an iPhone through Apple can cost upwards of £150, while third-party options are considerably lower. Apple can offer stores officially licensed parts, but on the condition that a number of restrictions are put in place.

Instead, it is more viable for repair stores to revert to the grey market, where they can obtain unlicensed pieces, which are often made in the same factories.


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