Animal rights group makes outrageous claim about chicken-eating and penis sizes 5 years ago

Animal rights group makes outrageous claim about chicken-eating and penis sizes

You know what they say about eating chicken: it's just bound to give your unborn a tiny penis.

Actually, nobody says this. Nobody, that is, except Animal Rights activists PETA, who made exactly that claim in a bonkers new video on their official Facebook page.


The video, which seems tongue-in-cheek but definitely serious in message, informs viewers that chicken flesh contains high levels of phthalates - a chemical used in plastics, paints and packaging. Exposure to phthalates apparently has a negative effect on penis size. According to them, 'the more chicken consumed, the smaller the dick'.

But before you go and let rip at your mum for all the KFC she went through while pregnant with you, let's dig a little deeper. As Women's Health and iflscience observe, the study PETA bases its declarations on (from the National Institute of Health) made no reference to chicken. It did make a direct linkage between phthalates and penile development, but unfortunately they are found all over the place, from indoor environments, to milk, drinking water and even in the air. You can't escape the dreaded phthalates.

Ben Williamson, Senior International Media Director at PETA, said that the video was a light-hearted take on what they deemed to be a genuine health risk.


He told Vice: PETA’s humorous new video is simply trying to warn potential new parents about the link between eating chicken and stunted penis growth. Chicken flesh has been shown to cause higher levels of the phthalate Mono(2-ethylhexyl), or MEHP as it’s better known. That’s a fancy name for a chemical that can shrink the penises of unborn children. PETA wonders what new parent wouldn’t want to know about this. Our new ad is simply trying to help people who are concerned about the development of their unborn child. It’s a humorous video with a serious message.”

We aren't so convinced. By all means, if you want to ditch meat from your diet then go for it. But chicken isn't responsible for the fate of your junk.