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25th Aug 2015

American dad’s reaction when his son gets Little Mermaid doll is amazing (Video)

What a legend...

Ben Kenyon

Back in the day dads were no frills, no nonsense, ‘no mucking about’ types.

With dads of old there were no ‘fancy Dan’ hair-dos, none of that ‘foreign muck’ on the dinner table and the only facial hair deemed masculine enough was the straight-laced moustache. And don’t even think about putting that Spice Girls album on.

Thankfully, times are a-changin’. We’ve seen the likes of David Beckham and Brad Pitt leading the way in the modern dad stakes.


We like to think of ourselves as modern men here at JOE, so when we say this video of an American dad reacting to his child asking for a Little Mermaid doll, we just had to share it.

In our day we’d probably get a clip round the ear, sent to bed with no tea and made to watch re-runs of classic war films as punishment.

But this father, wanting his child to grow up open-minded, happy and enlightened, responded in the way only a modern chap can. Brilliant stuff…



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