Aldi's bringing out a new bargain version of its outdoor pizza oven 3 years ago

Aldi's bringing out a new bargain version of its outdoor pizza oven

It really doesn't feel like summer yet, but Aldi's latest launch has everyone excited for warmer days.

With the weather on its way up this week, we can finally start thinking about our plans as the months get hotter.


Of course, summer wouldn't be summer, without beers, BBQs and chilling with friends in the back garden. And Aldi, more than any other supermarket, seems like it is preparing us for the scorching sunshine.

A week or so ago we told you that the retailer was selling a bargain inflatable hot tub. Now they have announced they are launching a barbecue pizza oven, which will be available in stores as of next week.

Aldi's bringing out a new version of its outdoor pizza oven for €50

It's an update on one of the retailer's most popular summer products, the outdoor pizza oven, which sold for £99.99 last year.

This version is a little different. It sits on to a regular gas or charcoal barbecue as an attachment and, at £49.99, is a lot cheaper than the full, free-standing one was last summer.

The company describes it as: "A great way to cook pizzas outdoors. This light, portable Barbecue Pizza Oven can be used on gas and charcoal barbecues. Ceramic pizza stone. Cooks up to 12" pizzas. Ready to cook in 10 minutes. Temperature gauge. 2 carry handles. Easy to clean stainless steel interior. For outdoor use only."