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12th May 2016

8 thoughts all students have once they finish uni for the summer

So/too much free time.

Megan Roantree

It’s that bittersweet time of year again.

Finishing uni for the summer can bring up a mixture of feelings. While you’re glad to get some sun and enjoy your time off, you’re also leaving all of your friends behind for a few months.

Here’s a few thoughts that most students will have.

1) I have so much free time now 

At first, you’re delighted to be off. No more 9am lectures, no more assignments, and you actually have free time to do nothing. In the weeks before, you’ve probably spent most of your time in college procrastinating, but at least now, you don’t have to feel guilty about it.


2) I have too much free time now

Wait a minute, what are you going to do with all this free time? Your college friends are all gone away and there are no more society/student events to keep you busy. You’ve spent all your time in college, and now you have to find something to do for the whole summer.

3) I need to find a job. 

If you want to fund your mild alcoholism and your constant take-outs next year, you better get a job. It will help with filling up all the free time that you now have. Now, how can you make your ability to drink six Jägerbombs without collapsing a desirable skill on your CV?

5) I can finally get back to a proper sleep routine 

No more getting up at 6am to cram for exams or going to bed at 6am after a night out. Moving home for the summer means that you may actually get those eight hours of sleep that everyone talks about.



6) I’m going to eat better

No more Domino’s or Chinese food – mum’s home-cooked dinners are the way forward. If you’re from the countryside, then you may not even have the option of ordering take-away, so you’re going to eat better whether you like it or not.

7) Where am I going to live next semester?                      

If you weren’t one of the rare few people that managed to secure a place on campus, you’re probably going to need to find somewhere to live next year. You’re probably going to have to spend the whole summer scrolling through Gumtree while promising landlords that you’re not going to have any house parties.

8) I’m going to be much more organised next year

Whether it’s actually going to the gym that you’ve paid for, buying groceries more often, or even just bringing a pen to class, you promise yourself that you’re going to be on the ball come September.

Ask yourself this though: will you be?