21 incriminating Google searches we're all guilty of doing 4 years ago

21 incriminating Google searches we're all guilty of doing

When I die, please clear my Google search history before you call an ambulance.

Everyone's Google searches are incriminating. Whether you're a sick pervert or you innocently mistyped 'big throbbing cooks', if your Google search history is ever released for public consumption, you're going to be truly and utterly fucked.


Let's just embrace it. Every now and then, I'll Google 'I know I'm on The Truman Show' just in case I am, because then nobody can accuse me of being stupid.

Here's 21 incriminating Google searches we're all guilty of doing.


1. When you get a passive-aggressive email from a co-worker regarding where your work that was assigned 5 minutes ago is


2. When you somehow produce odourless flatulence so you're extremely suspicious



3. When the alarm goes off at 7am and you're having approximately none of it



4. We've all done it


5. When your stupidity finally catches up with you



6. When the cat's being a real piece of shit


7. When you want to participate in lunchtime chatter about current affairs so you do some prep


8. When your hypochondria has a fun day out


9. When you realise there's a wedding coming up and it's fucking yours


10. When the weight of life's expectations hits you unannounced


11. When you check your balance two weeks before payday


12. When you check your balance three weeks before payday


13. When you're packing for a weekend trip and your bag's being a real bitch about it


14. When you realise you are approximately 75 years old


15. When someone jokes that you're an idiot but you're still thinking about it seven months later


16. When you've just watched David Blaine and suspect witchcraft 


17. When it's your turn to pay for dinner


18. When you're testing the waterproof capabilities of your new phone


19. When you're on the toilet and have worked your way through FB, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram so resort to your brain's musings


20. When you're not sure if you're being cute and flirty or creepy and illegal