Commuter calls out "gawking" and complaining passengers after teen girl was hit by train 5 years ago

Commuter calls out "gawking" and complaining passengers after teen girl was hit by train

You never know in life when something will happen to give you a fresh perspective on everything.

On Monday morning just gone, a commuter train came to a sudden halt at Catford Station in south London.


It turns out that a 16-year-old girl had been hit by the train as it pulled into the station. It's not clear whether it was intentional or an accident.

Naturally, it was a hugely distressing situation for all involved, but that apparently didn't stop some passengers onboard the train from making it all about them, and from losing their sense of decency.

Sarah Bowes, a passenger onboard the train which hit the girl, went on Twitter to praise the responses of the driver, station staff and emergency services, as well as to express anger and frustration at the lack of sympathy shown by her fellow passengers.


She described how "alongside us men and women collapsed to the ground on the platform with what they’d seen", explaining that many people were "screaming and crying." Sarah added: "The calm and level voice of the driver came over the speakers letting us know that someone had jumped and ordered us to stay away from the windows.”

The girl has since been admitted to hospital where she is said to be "fighting for her life".


But Sarah also had to call out others on and off the train who simply wanted to have a "gawk".

"To the public gawking from the bridge, including the man lifting up primary school children to get a better look and to the commuters moaning that they'd be late to work, please think carefully if you're ever unlucky enough to come across a situation like that again - a 16-year-old has seen no way to improve her life other than to end it. Her life, as well as the lives of her friends, family, the train driver and numerous witnesses, has certainly been changed forever. I think work can wait."

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, commuter James Regan, 23, said some passengers were left on trains for about 45 minutes after the incident. Many were heard complaining about the delay.

On Twitter, another passenger at the station added:


“While girl [was] being placed in ambulance chap beside me complaining loudly to police that being held back was “outrageous” and would there be compensation. We were held back for approx 3 minutes. He showed no sympathy."

Mostly though, it seems others on the train that day took their cue from Sarah and kept it all in perspective:


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