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24th Apr 2018

12 texts you’ve definitely sent to your other half during work

ffs so bored wuu2 wb x

Ciara Knight

“ffs so bored wuu2?”

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that the worst part about work is work. The people are fine, the banter is sometimes decent, the lunch breaks are manageable and the coffee is palatable. But the work? The work can go and get fucked, frankly.

The only way to get through any workday is by incessantly texting your loved ones while doing quick bursts of work at random intervals in between responding to messages. If you’ve got one of those jobs where sending a sneaky text every few minutes is forbidden, you need to quit immediately.

Here’s 12 texts you’ve definitely sent your other half during work, you absolute rebel.

1. Dinner Discussions

2. Holiday Planning

3. Technological Advancements

4. Office Updates

5. Monday Morning Dramatics

6. Breaking News

7. Household Supplies

8. Dad Jokes

9. Ruined Plans

10. Essential Queries

11. Shit Pranks

12. Important Thoughts