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28th May 2017

12 politicians in male romper suits just because

They're here to stay, maybe

Ciara Knight

Romper? But I barely know her.

Listen, romper suits are back and they’re here to stay. Male, female, dog or packet of crisps, you’re going to be wearing one this summer and there’s nothing you can do about it. Scientists are predicting that by July, absolutely everyone will be wearing rompers.

It’s easy to guess what type of romper some people will wear. For example, Bet Lynch will obviously go for a leopard print, Simon Cowell will probably wear a denim pair hoisted up dangerously high and Theresa May’s will be strong, stable and see-through because she has nothing to hide *winky emoji*

So let’s see what style of romper some of our beloved male politicians will be wearing when the time comes.

Jeremy Cor-byn looking for one of these since the 70s



Iain Duncan Smith-ers look at my dainty ankles



Ed Milib-and it also comes in cream



Boris Johns-on track to be a fashionista by 2020



David Camer-on trend this season



Sadiq Khan-I get this in a medium please?



George Os-borne into this world as a style icon



Michael Go-back to the store and buy one in every colour

2 Peas


Nick C-legs on show, cheeky 😉



George Gallo-way ahead of the curve, as always

Ali Express


Nick Gr-yffindor would definitely accept you in their house with this fetching ensemble

Fashion Editor at Large


Nigel Fa-rather fetching shade of orange, suits you sir