'Scottish Pikachu' is the Pokemon we all need right now 3 years ago

'Scottish Pikachu' is the Pokemon we all need right now

"Nae bother, big man"

Last week, Nintendo announced Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword - the new installment of the series that will be the first games on the Nintendo Switch.


Notably, they revealed that the game will be set in the UK (or at least a virtual world based on the country), which presumably means that it will involve your character fighting not only Pokemon, but also roving gangs of music teachers over the dwindling supplies of corned beef and insulin.

This revelation has led to a lot of Americans, in particular, making some very lame British jokes. As a result, Scottish games journalist Chris Scullion took it upon himself to produce an accurate Glaswegian Pikachu. And it is quite something.

Now while Pikachu generally has a very cute, high-pitched voice, this version has the gruff, deep voice of a man that you would ideally not mess with.


He bounds about the place shouting things like "nae bother, big man" and quite frankly, it might be the best thing you see all weekend. Especially if you're a fan of these cuddly fighting beasts, but even if not.

That wasn't the only good British tweet on the topic though, not by any means.


The others contained the two most British things that currently exist: Greggs bakery and Brexit.