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28th Aug 2019

QUIZ: Name these Game Boy games from just a single screenshot

Wil Jones

One day during the late 1970s, Nintendo employee Gunpei Yokoi was riding the bullet train in Tokyo, when he noticed a tiny little action that would change the world

Yokoi saw a bored executive playing with an LCD calculator on his commute. This seemingly mundane occurrence sparked something in Yokoi. The sight of the man trying to entertain himself on his commute gave Yokoi the inspiration for the Game & Watch series of handheld consoles, which would eventually develop into the Game Boy – which in turn laid the foundations to the smart phones we all carry today. This might never have happened if he had never noticed that man.

Another thing that would never would have happened if he’d ignored that man with a calculator, is that I wouldn’t be here now, compiling a selection of screenshots from classic Game Boy – and Game Boy Color – games, for you to try and identify from the multiple choice selections below. And you wouldn’t be about to take that quiz. It makes you think about fate, doesn’t it? It’s just like that film The Butterfly Effect, with Ashton Kutcher.

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